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Medical Illumination

Medical Illumination Light Enhancement System

The surgical environment. There is never enough space. There is never enough light. And no two human bodies are the same. Why settle for a light source that is too big, too weak and can block your access and view? I-Tek Medical Solutions (IMS) offers you the smallest, brightest, coolest, most user friendly Illumination Fiber on the market.

The IMS MILES (Medical Illumination Lighting Enhancement System – patent pending) is a proprietary means of safely delivering more light where you need it – directly at the surgical site.

Illumination Fiber
  • Small diameter fiber with minimal encroachment into the surgical access port

  • Malleable distal tip allows easily adjusted access route for lighting

  • Cool light / minimal or no heat generation at distal tip

  • Disposable

  • For use with IMS I-150 LED Light Source only

  • Patent pending method of delivering light to tissue site resulting in greater light intensity at tissue site and less scattered light outside the target site

LED Light Source
  • Compact size with small footprint

  • Light and easily portable

  • Infinitely variable light output

  • Maintenance free with long lifetime expectancy

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