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I-Tek Medical Solutions is an experienced and innovative developer of medical devices for surgical illumination and related applications. From Concept to the Surgical Suite, IMS provides for the full life cycle of illumination and light delivery products and accessories for minimally invasive procedures of all types.

Lighting the Minimally Invasive World

I-Tek Medical Solutions is an industry leader for optically based medical device design, development, manufacturing and commercialization. In the surgical environment, there is never enough space. There is never enough light. And no two human bodies are the same. These factors present unique challenges for the illumination systems needed to assist the surgeon in safely and effectively performing the surgical procedure. This is especially true in today’s minimally invasive procedures. I-Tek Medical Solutions is uniquely qualified to provide innovative solutions to these challenges in a rapid, safe and effective manner.

I-Tek Medical Solutions is committed to providing high quality medical products that exceed customer and regulatory requirements by constantly improving our manufacturing and design capabilities under the control of a highly effective quality management system.

I-Tek Medical Solutions’ core capabilities include medical device product development, manufacturing, device documentation, quality control, testing, packaging design and sterilization validation. This is all geared to effective commercialization of our leading edge medical devices.

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